Hama Identiteitskaart Protection Wallet Zwart


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  • Protects electronic identity cards (ePerso), credit and bank cards, health cards, key cards, company identification cards and library cards, etc. from being read unintentionally
  • Comes with two transparent compartments for identity cards or cards in credit card size (ISO format)
  • The wireless RFID chip cannot be read out when the protective cover is closed
  • Cryptalloy® is a special alloy that was developed specifically for RFID protection
  • The shielding properties of Cryptalloy® surpass standard materials such as aluminium many times over, its functions are constantly examined in laboratories

    Note for Consumers:

  • The RFID technology is more and more often used for personal documents. Protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access with this foldable case. Information stored on identity cards or other cards can be seen when you open the cover. When it is closed, it prevents your data from being read unintentionally

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  • Buitenmaat Breedte: 97 mm
  • Buitenmaat Diepte: 3 mm
  • Buitenmaat Hoogte: 68 mm
  • ISO Kaartformaat: Ja
  • Kleur: Zwart
  • Gewicht: 17 g

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